An intrinsic part of my midwifery practice is finding more gentle and innocuous approaches to healthcare treatments such as those given to combat aging and sun-damaged skin. 

Ultherapy is exactly that: a holistic and non-invasive process that addresses the underlying cause of skin laxity and wrinkles.  In fact, Ultherapy is the first and only procedure approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for lifting and tightening the skin. 

Ultherapy is a one-time treatment that stimulates your body to create new collagen, unlike artificial fillers or toxins that disappear and fade. It utilizes ultrasound, which allows me to first have a visual image of where your collagen layer is under your skin, then apply the ultrasonic treatment micro-focused on that layer. This leaves the top layer of skin untouched (unlike lasers and other methods) while building collagen, lessening wrinkles and tightening skin -- all of which produces a more youthful and lustrous appearance.

I suggest you use Ultherapy first on the areas that are of most concern to you. After seeing the results you may want to apply the technique to other areas as well. Most clients start on the face then may move on to treat the neck and chest as well.  

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