Linda Perry, Midwife


Your body already knows how to deliver a baby, just like it knows how to grow the baby now inside you. My job is to support you in this natural process and throughout the childbearing year: pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

As your midwife, I will teach you strategies that will help you to fully experience your baby's birth in accordance with a personalized birth plan we will develop together. You will choose whether to have a natural or medicated birth, what position to deliver in, and whether you'd like to give birth in water. I will support you, be with you, and will be the guardian of the birthing experience you want to have.

If circumstances require additional medical intervention, I will keep you informed, collaborate when needed, and quickly facilitate whatever care is needed to ensure the safety of both you and your baby.


After your baby is welcomed into the world, I will continue to support you after you as you begin breastfeeding, with your postpartum needs and -- if desired -- with regular GYN care into motherhood.