I believe that midwifery care is the ideal approach to a women's health and wellness at every stage of life.

A midwife is called to know clients on a far deeper level than a physician. For you, this means I will listen carefully, never rush you, and will provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for office visits or for hospital or home deliveries.

I use a variety of natural remedies when appropriate, or more standard therapies when needed. I look not only at my patients' problems and weakness, but at their natural strengths and abilities. This leads to treatment plans and birth plans that are personalized, focused on YOUR goals, and can achieve successful outcomes with far less pain, less medication, and less exposure to harmful substances including radiation.

Giving birth, and just being a woman, can and should be a joyous experience. To that end I devote my career.

Linda Perry, Midwife

Why I'm A Midwife