Linda Perry, Midwife

Hospital vs. Out-of-Hospital
Birth Center Delivery

Bottom line first: I can go either way on hospital deliveries vs out-of-hospital birth center deliveries -- there are pluses and minuses to each.

I've attended over 700 births, the vast majority of them have been out-of-hospital births. Lately there's been a swing toward hospital births. Why? Women are asking for more options and choices. Many hospitals, particularly the ones I work with, are increasingly responding to those requests, offering a wider array of birthing options while providing you the comforts of home.


We've also seen a growing number of birth centers in the past decade.  For women not comfortable with home birth, yet not wanting to feel constrained in a hospital, birth centers offer a happy middle ground.

Why Some Prefer Hospital Births- Especially at Hoboken UMC or Hackensack @ Mountainside

  • These hospitals take an enlightened approach to birth and support the midwifery care model.

  • These hospitals offer private rooms for delivery and recovery (not so in many other hospitals).

  • These hospitals encourage expectant mothers to bring belongings from home so as to feel cozy and comfortable.   

  • In these hospitals, expectant and new mothers are encouraged to walk around, take a shower, and to eat and drink as necessary.

  • In these hospitals, expectant mothers may birthing balls, stools, swings or other devices you feel will make the experience more comfortable.

  • Should birth circumstances require additional medical attention, you're already in a hospital.

Why Some Prefer Out-of-Hospital Birth Centers

  • Birth centers generally offer more freedom and control of the birthing environment.

  • Birth centers are generally a more serene and comforting space.

  • Birth centers generally offer the ability to labor at a natural pace without feeling rushed.

  • Birth centers generally offer a more private space, allowing loved ones to be present to witness and welcome the baby's entry into the world.

When Hospital Birth Is the Only Option

Occasionally, even a birth planned at out-of-hospital will need to take place in a hospital. Usually this is known beforehand and due to the baby's position or some other significant prenatal risk factor. In rare occasions, circumstances will develop during labor which, as a precautionary measure, will require a transfer from home to hospital. In such cases I will work to make  making this happen quickly and efficiently. In every case, the safety and comfort of both you and your baby are my foremost consideration.