I believe that midwifery care is the ideal approach to a women's health and wellness at every stage of life.

As a midwife, I know my clients on a far deeper level than one sees in standard physician-patient relationships. That means I listen carefully to YOU , I never rush you, and I work hard to provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere -- which is in stark contrast to more standard medical practices. I use a variety of natural remedies when appropriate, or more standard therapies when needed. I look not only at my patients' problems and weakness, but at their natural strengths and abilities. This leads to treatment plans and birth plans that are far more personalized (and focused on YOUR goals), and get my patients to successful outcomes with less pain, less medication, and less exposure to harmful substances and radiation. What else? More joy!

Linda Perry, Midwife

Why I'm A Midwife


Your body already knows how to deliver a baby.  My job is to support you with prenatal care, birth preparedness, and a plan that suits your wishes regarding your baby's birth. Whether you choose to take medication or not, or to deliver your baby while on a bed or in a bath or in a squat position, I will support you during delivery and collaborate with you to make that happen. If circumstances require additional medical intervention, I will keep you informed and help to quickly facilitate transfer to a more medicalized approach. After your baby is born, I will continue to support you with postpartum care.

Breast & Vaginal Wellness

I believe in monitoring breast and vaginal health with as little radiation, drugs and painful equipment as possible. In the case of breast exams, mammograms should not be the first choice because of the discomfort, compression and radiation effects of the method. Thermography and SureTouch are often better alteratives, and I'm proud to offer both to my patients. I can be your lifelong partner in maintaining your GYN health. 

Hospital vs. Home Delivery

I am fortunate to work with two hospitals that take a positive approach to delivery and are ideal for midwifery. In each hospital your room can be configured to feel much like home, and you can have full control over the facilities like showers and bedding. In such an enlightened hospital setting, you can enjoy many of the comforts of home while having the backup of a major medical facility at your disposal should the birth circumstances require it. For patients who choose to deliver at home, I fully support that choice and have delivered over five hundred babies that way. The safety and comfort of both you and your baby are paramount in my mind.