I believe that midwifery is the ideal approach to a women's health and wellness at every stage of life.

As a Midwife, I get to know my clients on a far deeper level than in standard physician-patient relationships. I am able to create a nurturing, supportive atmosphere in a medical setting that is too often lacking in more standard medical practice.  I can administer homeopathic and natural practices when appropriate, or more standard approaches when needed. The result for my patients is often less pain with less medication, and less exposure to harmful substances and radiation.

Through midwifery, I bring my expertise from medical and homeopathic sources to create an experience tailored to the needs and desires of each unique patient. 


Why I'm A Midwife

Career Highlights

  • Certified Nurse Midwife and Registered Nurse.

  • Since 1992, performed or attended nearly one thousand births.

  • Appeared (as myself) delivering a baby in a reality television series

  • Numerous radio show guest appearances. 

  • Guest lecturer at Union College (NJ) and Seattle Midwifery School

  • Served as Preceptor for the National College of Midwifery.

  • Served on the Midwifery Liaison Committee of the NJ Board of Medical Examiners.

  • Affiliations: Mountainside Hospital, Glen Ridge, NJ; Hoboken University Medical Center.

(c) 2016 Linda Perry