Linda Perry, Midwife

Breast & Reproductive Health

Monitoring your health should not be dangerous to you. I believe in starting with the least invasive processes and scaling up only when necessary.

Breast Screening 

Mammograms carry potential risks associated with radiation and damage to breast tissue from high compression. Thermography and SureTouch are FDA-approved adjunctive breast screening processes that can often give you a better picture of your breast health. They're gentle, non-invasive and safe. I offer both to my patients. 

GYN Health

My goal is to collaborate with you to be your lifelong partner in monitoring and maintaining your GYN health.

In addition to breast screening, I perform PAP smears and other standard medical tests which I consider safe for my patients. Should an issue arise, in many cases I can offer an array of alternative therapies to potentially avoid surgery or other more invasive procedures.

I also believe in offering a more natural approach to birth control, when possible, using more gentle approaches -- if that is your goal -- rather than drug and hormone treatments.