Linda Perry, Midwife

Lifelong Midwifery

I am a childbirth and women's wellness professional with over two decades experience and affiliations at Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge and Hoboken UMC. Many clients meet me during their pregnancy and continue to partner with me on their health matters long afterward.

Unlike what you'll experience at a large medical practice, under my care you'll be seeing me and I am on call 24/7. I will listen to you, and listen carefully. As a midwife, I never hesitate to use standard medical methods when necessary but also have at my disposal alternative methods (with fewer drugs and side effects) which can accomplish the same goals.

Let's talk.

  • Prenatal to post-birth care, including in-hospital, birth center and water birth
  • Breast screening and health without radiation
  • Reproductive health
  • Women's wellness
  • Ultherapy